Action plan to launch the marketing of your influencers

Action plan to launch the marketing of your influencers

The influence marketing Influencer marketing is the step that more and more brands are climbing to get closer to their goals. Its speed and full effectiveness have made it an increasingly accepted and consolidated form of current advertising. A person admired and loved by the crowd speaks of a brand with the same love that people lavish on it, can there be anything more effective than that? Let's see how to design a campaign that has an impact and focuses on return on investment.

Build the influencer marketing campaign - from briefing to conversions


Budget: The starting point for the actions that make up the influence marketing Budget: The starting point for the actions that make up influencer marketing is definitely how much money we have. As you can imagine, not all influencers charge the same thing. Depending on their number of followers, the power of their influence and other factors that intertwine in the middle is that each of these professionals decides their price. Therefore, it is essential to know how much we can invest before focusing our hopes on a certain influencer.

The briefing and its transformation into objectives: The briefing and its transformation into objectives: once the client passes his briefing to the influencer agency, he proceeds to the objectives stage. These are divided into an interesting symphony of options, so you need to know where to focus before you start the actions. In addition, having our objective clear will be very useful when the time comes to measure the marketing actions of the influencers that we have used. influencer marketing actions that we used.

Select the influencer: Select the influencer: based on what we have already collected, the time has come to select our professional. In the preselection we made in the previous step, which will be based on the money available and the objectives set, now is the time when the agency and the brand choose the best influencer. How do I know what it is? First, it must be aligned with the brand philosophy and, among other factors, have the audience that matches the profile of the persona buyer of the mara.

Planning: Planning: with the influencer already hired and having signed his contract, essential step for a successful campaign, the actions will be planned and a schedule will be set to carry them out. You will not only need to know what to do, what to say and for how long, but also at the times of the day when you will do it.

hashtag: Hashtag: The success of each campaign depends in part on how impressive and effective your hashtag is. It is important that it is concise enough to synthesize in its essence the idea of ​​what you want to convey. The effectiveness of remembering will depend on how familiar your words are with the culture of the brand's buyers. Finally, originality plays a transcendental role, not so much for the ingenious as for the exclusivity of being unique.

Definition of KPIs: Definition of KPIs: not all KPIs are useful. In addition, some of those used in influencer marketing can be very misleading. Indeed, some measures will increase across the sky, but their relevance to what we want to achieve is minimal or zero. Therefore, defining them in advance will help us to measure what we were looking for.

Content and tone: Content and tone: What will our influencer talk about? And most important of all, how are you going to do it? A message that, if correctly said, can have a totally positive impact, could be transformed into meaningless words or, worse, a message that ends up transmitting the opposite of what we were trying to say at the beginning.

Social network selection: Finally, the influencer marketing Social network selection: Finally, influencer marketing can be done through any social network, even those that are not popular enough to reach 80% of users. What matters, however, is where our perspectives lie.

With a well-defined strategy, an influencer can transform our brand into an essential icon for this audience that we have not yet been able to reach.