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A French-speaking agency
digital marketing

Pinkhy Events is an influencer marketing agency that supports brands in developing their communication strategies on various social networks.

Pinkhy Events, a influencer marketing agency founded in 2016, provides more than 25 professionals to help you to set up targeted advertising campaigns using the best influencers.

We help brands engage and activate audiences around the world by developing and executing creative strategies to amplify your brand's story at scale and reach millions of people.

With over 200 influencers Trust Pinkhy Events for your communication strategies on social networks.

PinkhyEvents offers you its services to improve your e-reputation and unite Internet users around your brand.

We use influencer marketing on social networks to impact all generations of internet users. Our influencers (instagrammers, youtubers, bloggers, etc.) have the power to launch a new fashion for your brand. Whatever your field, we can develop your brand awareness thanks to our extensive network in Spain and our expertise. We also work with influencers of other nationalities and are happy to advise you on your international projects. You can rely on Pinkhy Events for your next influencer marketing campaign in Spain.

Pinkhy Events helps brands engage and activate audiences around the world through top influencers. We develop and execute creative influencer marketing strategies to amplify your brand story on a massive scale and reach millions of people.

Our influencers


Marta López TV



Rebeca Jimenez



Annie Vega


Customer Reviews

The number 1 company for your viral marketing campaigns on social networks, the results are impressive since we started our collaboration.



The results were far superior to what we had obtained. We are very attentive to their advice and expertise, which always proves invaluable to the success of our projects.



Un réel plaisir de travailler avec Pinkhyevents, des professionnels disponibles et réellement à l’écoute. Nous sommes plus que satisfais c’est pourquoi nous renouvelons donc nos campagnes avec Pinkhyevents.



Je travaille avec l'agence depuis quelques mois. Ils ont réalisé mon site internet. Ils m'ont conseillés et accompagné sur l'élaboration de plusieurs points clé de mon activité. J'ai pu par la suite, passer par leur service pour des publicités avec des influenceurs.



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