Why in 2021 Facebook is not dead

Why in 2021 Facebook is not dead

Facebook now has over 2 billion users worldwide. Given the growth rate of its platform, the social networking giant is constantly striving to provide a better experience for its users. However, Facebook's efforts are not without their flaws, which have led to criticism from critics of the network. Find out in this article why Facebook has always maintained its position as a social networking giant in 2021 despite the criticism that has been leveled at it. 

Facebook's huge audience 

You only need to look at the figures to understand what we are talking about. Facebook now has over 38 million users across France and around 400 million users in Europe. And note that in Europe, there are about 75 % active Facebook users. Worldwide, there are about 67 % active Facebook users. This is probably what makes it the most used social network in the world. However, in recent years, new social networks have emerged. For this reason, Facebook is constantly improving its services and adding new features useful to its users. 

Facebook is the social network for old people, is this true? 

Among the many criticisms made against Facebook in 2021, you will read the one indicating that the famous network is outdated and rather adapted to old people. The figures show that this is not true. In France, for example, Facebook ranks in the top 3 of the most used social networks by people in the 11 to 19 age group behind Snapchat and Instagram. It ranks second among 20-24 year olds and first among 25-34 year olds. 

With these statistics, it is clear that it will be difficult for other social networks to overtake Facebook in terms of user numbers in the teenage category. However, there is no denying the fact that the social networking giant has 36 % users over the age of 36. 

Facebook organic reach gives way to Facebook advertising

One of the complaints of Facebook users is the lack of vitality of Facebook pages. Indeed, Facebook page posts are becoming less and less visible in 2021. Organic reach is no longer the best way for companies to promote their brand. However, Facebook has not failed to solve this problem in its own interesting way. 

This is Facebook advertising. Facebook advertising offers brands the opportunity to target their audience and get successful results from their campaigns. But this service is not free. In addition, there are some features to target qualified people, i.e. people who are likely to be interested in your ads. 

It is therefore important to understand that Facebook is far from being dead in 2021, as it is of great interest for businesses, but also for exchanges between users thanks to its new chat features.

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