What Are Digital Mums And Why Are They Useful?

Digital mums is a U.K based organization that helps to develop mums’ social media and digital skills. The essence of such training is to find a flexible and rewarding career for mums. The goal of digital mums is to help mums find work that works for them. 

The organization was set up in April 2014. It was the idea of two friends –Kathryn Tyler and Nikki Cochran. They met at a Yoga retreat in Thailand. From their conversation, they soon realized that mums are tech-savvy yet find it difficult to get part-time jobs with good salaries.

Soon they realized that there is a shortage of social media marketing skills in the market. So, digital mums came into existence to develop mums’ skills along with social media marketing. As of today, digital mums is the only social media marketing training program that is designed with mums for mums.

 With the last few years, digital mums is playing an essential role in curbing maternal unemployment. And mumpreneurs are seriously taking advantage of the training program.


The Benefits of Digital Mums Training Program


The digital mums training program comes with several benefits. Below are some of the benefits of the digital mums training program.

 #1. Upskills Mothers Social Media Marketing Skills

 Social media marketing is high in demand in today’s digital world. And digital mums help mothers to develop this skill further. The organization makes mums employable as social media marketers and connects them to local organizations that need their skills.

 #2. Flexible Work Hours

Every mum wants a flexible work schedule that will enable them to create time for their family. And digital mums have made this dream a reality.

Digital mums don’t only make you employable but also find a job that works for you. When mums have flexible work hours, they can set their hours and work from anywhere. With this type of flexibility, any mum can have an excellent work-life balance.

#3. Gets a Satisfying Job

Digital mums training program enables mums to get satisfying jobs. This training equips mums with digital skills that allow them to adapt to the working world. And they will get jobs that give them time to meet up with family commitment.

#4. Give Confidence to Mum through New Skills Learned

Digital more gives you confidence through new skills. After the training program, you will become a member of a supportive network of working mums.

Being among such network naturally boosts your confidence. This new found confidence will enable you to get a social media marketing role in a reputable company within your local community.

Digital mums present a lifetime opportunity to any mum that attends their training. The training makes mum works smart and earns more.

Experts believe that digital mums can transform the lives of millions of mums around the world. The initiative started in the United Kingdom, but it has the potential of expanding to other parts of the world.

It is sure that in the nearest future, social media marketing roles will be mainly for mums who want a flexible working hour.

What do you think about the digital mums training program? Drop your response in the comment section below.

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