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Why does a brand need more than ever influencers?

In a highly competitive economic environment, companies must operate the right levers to make themselves visible. Consumers are more than ever knowledgeable and experienced in traditional marketing techniques. Classic advertising practices no longer have the same impact.

It is in this context that influencers bring a tailor-made response to brands in terms of visibility, marketing commitment and added value.

So why does a brand need influencers more than ever?

Influencers Generate Confidence, Visibility and Authenticity

Marketing research firm Nielsen has conducted an extensive survey on the topic of influencer marketing. The goal is to know what is the impact of a recommendation in comparison to a banner-type advertisement. And the bottom line is that 83% of consumers say they trust recommendations from network contacts, peers, and friends.

Better yet, according to Adweek’s specialist magazine, 92% of consumers primarily follow the advice and advice of a person for their purchasing decisions.

Influencers, by the relationship they have with their community, therefore generate a high level of trust. Consumers are more reliant on humans than formatted messages. And laugh at such confidence to seal a lasting relationship between a company and its customers.

Influencers thus play a vital and highly strategic role between a brand and its audience.

In addition, because of the huge number of followers who follow them on Instagram and on social networks, influencers boost the visibility of a brand. A properly designed and staged message has a very high visibility. Like, sharing, and comments increase the reach of the message. And at the same time increase the visibility of the brand.

And that’s without counting on a fundamental aspect of our societies: authenticity. We are in an era in which the notion of authenticity has become central. Consumers are looking for authenticity in every facet of their daily lives. Influence marketing is the best technique for conveying this strong value of meaning. Influencers give life to a brand, humanize it, and make authentic and sincere the messages it wants to convey.

Influencer marketing avoids the pitfalls of traditional marketing

It’s a fact: old-fashioned advertising has taken a hit. The opening rates of emails are at their lowest, the rates of clicks on banners are not at best 0.06% on average according to Google.

Traditional advertisements totally disinterested consumers. Worse, they can even move away from the mark, because of a hype.

Standard advertisements are almost totally ignored. The message they carry does not reach its target.


Influencers help to avoid these pitfalls, to remove the barriers between a brand and its audience. Especially as on social networks such as Facebook, the news feed now promotes user publications. And brand advertising messages are relayed in the background.


The message carried by an influencer on Facebook or Instagram has more benefits than a banner or a sponsored post.


And then from a strictly financial point of view, the ROI of the influence marketing is big. According to Adweek, campaigns by influencers generate $ 6.85 worth of media value for every dollar invested. Who says better ?

Visibility, authenticity, confidence, high ROI … our influencers are the best allies of your communication on social networks. They are the ambassadors of your brand. 

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