The top 10 Spanish influencers

Influencers are valuable sources of opinion to promote a brand, to develop its visibility and marketing commitment. They each have their own community of followers and their singularity is an asset. Here are the top 10 Spanish influencers.

1. Sofia Suescun, at the top of Spanish influencers


With no less than 1 million followers on Instagram, Sofia Suescun is a leading Spanish influencer. She is the winner of the TV show « Gran Hermano 16 », the equivalent of Loft Story in France and Big Brother in the United States. Sofia has a strong reputation and her community is particularly faithful to her. @sofia_suescun

2. Munir Mohamedi


Munir Mohamedi is the goalkeeper of Malaga’s professional football team in southern Spain. He also plays in Morocco’s national team. With nearly 550,000 followers on Instagram, Munir is one of Spain’s most followed influencers. @ muny1.

3. Noemi Salazar

A prominent figure, Noemi Salazar is one of the most prominent candidates on the Los Gipsy Kings reality show. She is even one of the star characters. Some rightly compare it to Kim Kardashian.
Number of followers: 352 000. @ noemi_salazar13

4. Beatriz Retamal Saez


Winner of the TV show « Gran Hermano 17 », Beatriz Retamal Saez has more than one string to her bow. Public character recognized and appreciated, she is also a singer. She also collaborates with the web TV MTMAD.

His community is one of the largest with 322,000 followers on his Instagram account. @bearsaez


5. Rodri Fuertes Puch


Rodri Fuertes Puch became known to the general public through his participation in the program « Gran Hermano 17 ». Boyfriend of Beatriz Retamal Saez, Rodri is the son of a Spanish journalist. Very active on Instagram, YouTube and MTMAD, this Spanish influencer is aimed at a large community of 292 K followers. @ rodrifuertespuch

6. Maria Paulette

Maria Paulette is an influencer who stands out. This athlete IFBB Bikini Pro – International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness – brings together femininity and superb plastic. His Instagram account is followed by no less than 231,000 followers. @lapaulettefitness

7. Kim Angel

If you’re looking for a couple of star influencers, you’ve found them with Kim and Maria. Kim Angel is also an IFBB PRO athlete, like his girlfriend Maria Paulette. With her impressive measurements, Kim has competed in the biggest international bodybuilding competitions.
Number of followers: 187,000 @kim_angel

8. Araceli

 Araceli did not steal her pseudonym meaning « beautiful and with style ». This fashion and lifestyle blogger weighs in the Spanish public sphere. Her licking and arty fashion pictures capture and hold the attention of her faithful community of 171,000 followers. @guapayconestilo

9. Ramon Alba

With Ramon Alba, ready-to-wear brands and others can rely on a powerful influencer fashion and lifestyle to develop their visibility. Based in the south of Spain, Ramon generates a strong marketing commitment thanks to its 154,000 followers. @raemonalba

10. Maria Pintado

Maria Pintado is passionate about fashion, travel, architecture and design. This jack-of-ally edits and manages herself her own blog:
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