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The latest update of Instagram is losing followers: fatality or challenge?

The last update of Instagram has kicked the anthill. Many users of this platform star of the social media have seen the number of their followers drop or even fall for some. What’s behind the update? Is it a fatality or a challenge? How to find marketing commitment?

Understand the latest Instagram update


Until recently, posts on Instagram worked the same way as on Facebook. To know chronologically. In the first place, the famous thread of news appeared on your account and unrolled the last publications in date. However since Instagram has updated its algorithm, some influencers have seen the engagement rate of their publications plummet. Hence the number of their followers decrease visibly. In addition, the number of impressions on posts has literally plummeted. Indeed, according to estimates, Instagram users would miss 70% of the content in their news feed. The reactions of influencers were not long before, between incomprehension and anger because until now everything was going for the best .

 What happened ?


Instagram has made the choice of quality in its latest update. Exit classified publications simply in chronological order. Instagram now leaves room for posts to be displayed by number of impressions, number of likes, number of comments, number of views on videos and stories, and number of shares. In fact, the more interesting content is. the more quality it has, the more commitment it makes to the community of followers and the more it appears in the news feed.

Bye-bye the fake influencers! Place to quality


Also, Instagram has been hunting for fake influencers, robots, inactive accounts that pollute the platform and bring nothing in terms of quality content. Their useless stuffed posts are spam pushed by so-called influencers and that annoy the users of the platform more than anything else. However, these accounts are now isolated and deleted. That’s why the number of followers of some real influencers has fallen sharply. In addition, Instagram’s algorithm spotted these bots and eliminated them. However nothing to panic because the followers they lost were essentially bots, fake users. Indeed, influence marketing campaigns had no real impact anyway. 

In short, this new version is a good thing. Moreover, this allows Instagram to be more than ever a quality platform for influencer marketing and for brands that practice it. 

Ultimately, the Instagram update has had a positive effect for influencers and publishers specialized agencies on the niche. Indeed, the rules are now clearer and promote quality posts. As soon as the content counts a significant engagement rate in the hour after its publication, Instagram gratifies it by making it visible to an enlarged number of followers. 

Finally, it is thus for the brands, for the agencies of influence marketing and for influencers to work quality content. In conclusion, the more relevant, attractive, the more it arouses the interest and reactions of followers. In particular to obtain in return the desired marketing commitment.


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