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An agency expert in influence marketing

At PinkhyEvents, we offer you a range of skills to improve your e-reputation and set up and enrich your digital advertising campaigns. Our influencers agency has many assets and it is with pleasure that we share them with you!

A tailor-made service

Your brand is unique: our services too. We study every project in the smallest details and we propose solutions adapted to you and to you alone.

Identify talents and trends

Thanks to its flair, many years of experience and a constantly expanding network, PinkhyEvents is always aware of the fashions and influencers that make the difference. We identify emerging thought leaders, engage with those whose sphere of influence is already wide and enrich our existing partnerships. On the lookout for all new trends, we will be able to advise you best for each of your product investments.

Find the right influencer

A good marketing influence strategy relies above all on an influencer adapted to your brand. Its influence on social media, its favorites areas, the image it refers to are all factors to take into account to find the ideal person, 100% matching your brand identity. At PinkhyEvents, we rely on our expertise and our network to advise you in the choice of your influencer.

Create your marketing influence campaign

Creativity and innovation are the key words that guide each of our services. Whether it is a simple product placement or a more specific request, such as the design of a commercial or a photographic campaign, we make it a point of honor to make you stand out .

Influencers are a huge source of creativity. They are connoisseurs and they knows their audiences, they are strong proposal and provide very good advice to lead your marketing influence campaign. The influencers work with you, as well as with our professionals team in digital communication and media design.

This free partnership, based on trust and ideas sharing, allows for innovative and successful campaigns.

A strong and extensive network

PinkhyEvents is proud to have developed, in Spain and beyond the borders of the country, a vast, diversified and quality network, which gathers several thousands of influencers and whose sphere encompasses more than 100 million followers on Instagram .

We work with influential influencers, who federate hundreds of thousands of followers, but also with micro-influencers, whose community is small but that have a real impact on each of their followers.


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