Micro-influencers: for whom, why?

Micro-influencers: for whom, why?


When one thinks of the influence of marketing, one tends to associate directly the success of an influencer with its number of followers. Yet the true weapon of an influencer is not the size of his community, but the engagement rate it generates. And in this area, it is the micro-influencers who excel! Let’s take stock of these key players – and little known – marketing.

What is a micro-influencer?


It is an influencer whose community of followers is restricted. Concretely, if it is difficult to give exact figures, one can estimate that the micro-influencers are followed by a community which can comprise 1 000 to 50 000 fans. In many cases, micro-influencers practice niche influence. They specialize in a specific area, which gives them more credibility but tends to limit their number of followers. According to Kantar Media, a company specializing in studies and analysis of marketing trends, the market for micro-influencers will grow more and more in the years to come.

Why use a micro-influencer?


Rather than offering the services of influencers followed by several million followers, some brands are increasingly favoring micro-influencers. The reasons are simple:

• Micro-influencers generate a commitment rate 60% higher than that of macro-influencers;

• They have developed a real bond of trust with their community;

• They are much cheaper than macro-influencers.

By definition, micro-influencers animate small communities on particular topics. The followers are often passionate people or simply attached to the personality of the micro-influencer, with whom they have the opportunity to have many and constructive exchanges. This is not usually the case for macro-influencers, who can not respond to the requests and messages of their millions of fans.

Micro-influencers therefore weave strong bonds of trust with their followers. As a direct result, they enjoy a high commitment rate and particularly beneficial for brands. Marketing campaigns are 6.7 times more effective when conducted by micro-influencers. What convince the most skeptical!

Who benefits from micro-influencers?


For a long time, micro-influencers were thought to be destined for low-budget marketing campaigns. And yet, more and more recognized brands are calling on their services. Because, if the micro-influencer is well chosen, it can reach a targeted audience and much more receptive to the good or service offered. A campaign organized around a macro-influencer will certainly affect many more people, but it is not necessarily the public to privilege.

In addition, allying with micro-influencers helps to better define its brand identity. Micro-influencers do not blindly offer products, they tell a story in which they believe, and they tell it to followers who trust them. This new form of promotion, far more empathetic than regular advertising, allows brands to develop their personality and attract customers not only for their goods and services, but also for their identity.

If you want to embark on the adventure and engage micro-influencers for your company, it is possible to solicit them directly or to appeal to an agency of influencers, such as PinkhyEvents, who will look for the most appropriate personality according to your marketing project.


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