What are the statistics to consider when choosing an influencer

70% of teens have more confidence in the influencers they follow than traditional celebrities.
It is extremely difficult for a brand to create this same level of trust, but through influence marketing, it can be passed on.

However, an influencer marketing campaign is not to be taken lightly, and many factors must be taken into account before choosing to collaborate with one or more influencers.


The context


An influencer marketing campaign will succeed only if the subject and influence it is appropriate. No one will hire a wine connoisseur to market beachwear.
Imagine that you are offering swimwear specifically for pregnant women. It would be logical to use influencers whose community includes mainly women between 25 and 35 years old.

The number of followers


Influencers are divided into two groups according to their number of subscribers:

Macro Influencer: Macro-influencers count tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands or millions of subscribers. Often, they are well-known personalities.

Micro Influencer: Depending on the definition, influenzatori have a few thousand or even a few hundred subscribers. As a rule, micro-influencers specialize only in a particular niche.

Micro-influencers are gaining more and more importance in the marketing of social networks. They may have fewer subscribers, but their community is usually very loyal and very interactive. Micro-influencers are very close to their community and are often more credible than the stars in their sector. This leads to much higher engagement rates than macro-influencers. In addition, micro-influencers are cheaper than the most famous influencers. This makes them interesting partners for small businesses on a tight budget. But even the biggest companies are working more and more with micro-influencers. Many choose a mix of micro and macro influencers.

Community Demographic Statistics


It is important to take into account the interests of the subscriber community: this should be consistent with your company or brand. After all, you only want to reach a target group. It is therefore more than necessary to look for some demographic data from the community to influence it such as:

The age
Place of residence
The interests

The commitment rate


As mentioned earlier, there is a statistic that is more important than the number of subscribers to influence it: the engagement rate. It tells you how an influencer’s subscribers react to their posts, for example by leaving a « like » comment or comment. This makes the engagement rate an extremely important index in order to know if subscribers are really interested in posts published by influencing it. If an influencer has 100,000 subscribers, but his publications generate less than 1000 likes and comments, his engagement rate may be considered very low.

Searching influencers for a marketing campaign is now a very important step. Knowing how to choose them can be quite complicated, but by following the statistics mentioned, you should be successful in marketing your influence. 

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