Influential bloggers: who are they and why appeal to them?

Influential bloggers: who are they and why appeal to them? 

When we talk about marketing influence, we often think of Instagram stars and influencers who federate their communities around social networks. But there are many facets and many media in the world of marketing influence. In particular, blogging. Who are the bloggers, these shadow influencers, and what are the benefits of using them?

 Bloggers influencers, influencers like no other


Above all, do not confuse influencers and bloggers. The first are references on social networks and use their popularity to impact the purchase decisions of their followers. Most of the time, they do not have a website. While bloggers focus on their website, where they share their passions and create original and consistent content. Writing is the first, and sometimes only, means of communication used by bloggers. They use social networks to inform their community that new content is available on their blog. It is only a means of promotion, not influence.

But then, who are the bloggers influencers? An influencer blogger has, as a classic influencer, a large community of fans. This is measured in traffic generated on the website rather than in number of followers on social networks. The influencer blogger can promote brands if they match his passions and share his values. The tourism sector, in particular, is increasingly appealing to influencer bloggers, many of whom are focused on the theme of travel.

The benefits of an influencer blogger


In addition to the classic benefits provided by influencers, the influencer blogger has some particularly interesting specifics for brands.

 Blogs encourage trust

It has even been determined that blogs are the fifth most reliable source of information for Internet users, simply because they are run by enthusiasts and connoisseurs, whose main purpose is not to win money but to share their passions and their knowledge to the greatest number.


The life of a marketing campaign is longer

Social networks favor the snapshot. A marketing campaign only lasts a few days or even a few hours after posts are posted. The blog, meanwhile, allows Internet users to discover the article several months or years after it was published, simply because the latter is indexed on the search engines.


 A promotion on a blog can generate traffic on your own website


 If the blog is influential and has a large audience, it is likely that it slides on your own website through the links that will have inserted the blogger influencer in his article. This allows you to acquire new potential customers, to make them discover your other products and services but also to improve the positioning of your site.


The benefits are many, but as with any marketing influence campaign, it’s important to choose the right blogger to represent your brand. That’s why it is recommended to use an influencer agency, such as PinkhyEvents, to make the most of your brand’s potential.


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