Influence marketing best practices on Instagram

With 600 million active users, Instagram is a leading social media platform for influencer marketing. Brands from various sectors are successfully conducting promotional campaigns. Still, to obtain a satisfactory ROI and meet its expectations, some good practices are to follow. Here they are.

Rule # 1: In Influencer Marketing, it all starts with a brief!

An influence marketing campaign on Instagram can not produce good results if work upstream is not done. This is to lay the foundations of the operation through a clear brief. The support of an agency specialized in influencer marketing is at this stage essential to benefit from advice and specialized expertise.

The brief should address all facets of the campaign:

• What is the product or service to showcase?

• Who should the campaign address? what is the target?

• What are the quantitative and qualitative objectives to be achieved?

• Who are the main competitors? how do they communicate?

• What are the KPIs?

 The more detailed the brief is, the more upstream the campaign is prepared and the greater the impact of the campaign.

 Rule # 2: Choosing the Right Influencer

 Each influencer has his own personality, his community or almost his specialty product.

The number of followers of an influencer on Instagram is one of the criteria to consider but it is not the only one. The commitment rate is an equally important criterion. An influencer’s commitment to their community is unique, valuable, and a mark of impact.

The challenge is to match the product or service to be promoted with the personality of an influencer. With his style, with his community, with his way of communicating. The more the brand resonates with the values, community and personality of an influencer, the higher the ROI.

Rule # 3: Define the Strategy and Content of Influence Marketing

Come the moment to take action! To do this, defining a strategy for creating and publishing content is essential.

• What content will open the hearing?

• What kinds of publications are to be created and disseminated?

• At what times of the week and the day is it strategic to publish? What time?

It’s about designing and orchestrating the influence marketing campaign on Instagram in the most detailed way possible. This is thanks to a strategy that gives shape and gives life to the objectives set out in the initial brief. On this point too, the advice, experience and support of an agency are essential to get the maximum impact.

Rule # 4: Analyze the fallout and adjust the shot if necessary

An influencer marketing campaign on Instagram may take some time to generate the expected returns. However, it is important to follow the first effects, to analyze the scope of publications.

What is the commitment generated by the first publications? By analyzing the first effects of the campaign, it is then possible to correct the shot if necessary. Or on the contrary accentuate what works. The principle is to be reactive.

Scheduling regular meetings to detail the effectiveness of the campaign maximizes ROI. It is then possible to adapt to change the message, to create new content, to delete others … This is one of the big strengths of influence marketing on social networks: it is possible to act in real time.

As you can see, running an influence marketing campaign on Instagram can not be improvised! Everything is a matter of method. So, to maximize the impact of your next campaign with leading influencers, contact us!


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