How to measure the impact of a marketing campaign?

An influencer marketing campaign carried out in collaboration with a specialized agency and the most prominent influencers on Instagram is one of the keys to a brand’s success in its sector. But what is the point of conducting such an operation if its effectiveness can not be analyzed? So how do you measure the impact of an influence marketing campaign? Our advice in this article.


Indicators of the impact of a marketing campaign: impressions and commitment


 The ROI of an influence marketing campaign on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter is apprehended using the right indicators. The first best performing KPIs are:

the impressions

• the engagements

Impressions are the number of views of a post created and disseminated by an influencer. The quantity of impressions counts for a lot in the evaluation of the effectiveness and the performance of an influence marketing campaign. The number of impressions can be sifted to compare the impact of one campaign against another. But also to evaluate the impact of an influencer on his community.

Commitment is a much more quality oriented indicator vs quantity. The reason is that it covers many facets of a campaign. This includes the number of likes, the number of shares, the comments but also the bounce rate and the time spent on the site. Commitment is therefore a valuable indicator that brands are rightly seeking to develop because in the background is the existing proximity between a brand and its audience.


Brand Mentions and Conversions

Another key indicator: brand mentions. The brand mentions represent the number of times the name of the brand or product is quoted, included in a comment, shared from followers to followers.
This is also a key element to take into account to gauge the performance of the operation and in a perspective of branding development. Brand mentions are also used to analyze and understand the feelings of Internet users vis-à-vis a brand.
Awareness of an influencer on Instagram is crucial for branding to be optimal. Because the more the influencer is followed by a large community of the faithful, the more the brand can count on an important virality of the publication.
Also, the ROI of a marketing operation of influence can be considered from the angle of the conversion: to what extent the operation allows to pass from the diffusion of a message to an action on behalf of target? In order to track conversions caused by a campaign, three possibilities exist:
• insert promotional links in the message
• follow traceable links
• analyze the CPE, for Cost per commitment. The CPE allows to control and measure precisely the impact of the budget committed to the campaign.
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