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About our team

A story of passion

Founded in 2015 by specialists in digital marketing and social media marketing, PinkhyEvents is above all an agency of lovers of digital and digital innovations. We are passionate and we only build partnerships with passionate influencers. We value trust between the customer, the influencers and our team, and we advocate sharing and transparency for greater efficiency.

A competent and diversified team

Not only are we experts in digital marketing, but we have also surrounded ourselves with good people to enrich our agency.

Our team consists of:

  • strategists, digital marketing analysts and social media experts
  • directors, producers, digital project managers and developers

We can, on the one hand, study your project and to target an audience in a context of influence marketing and, on the other hand, design digital projects to make your campaign even more impactful.


1680 Michigan Avenue, Suite 700

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Plaza de la solidaridad, 15

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