Tiktok - the social network of the new generation of Spanish influencers

Tiktok: the social network of the new generation of Spanish influencers

Tiktok - the social network of the new generation of Spanish influencers

If you think that Tiktok is a new way of referring to the classic clock, you not only have an idea of the tastes and customs of Generation Z, also known as the postbieber generation, in honour of the singer of the same name, but the surest thing is that they have no idea of your existence. This wouldn't be a problem if you don't sell a digital product. However, if that is your main business, you need to reverse the initial situation and that is why the Spanish influencers can help you.

What is generation Z? - Spanish influencers can explain it to you

When we sell a product, knowing our audience is more important than knowing the product itself. So let's start with the name: Generation Z. If you have just become accustomed to the concept of Generation Y, there is something new for you: they have gone out of fashion. In other words, they still exist, but they are no longer the protagonists of the youth market that you can point to with the help of of Spanish influencers.

Moreover, being between ten and twenty-four years old automatically makes you a member of Generation Z. These pre-teens, teenagers and young people were born in the digital age. The word modem means nothing to them and the stories you have to tell them when you have to choose between talking on the (fixed) phone or talking on the Internet are beyond their comprehension.
You are surprised when you ask them "what did I just say? And they repeat it word for word despite having exchanged a text message with one of their multiple contacts.
They learn complex processes without the help of a teacher and sexuality is another form of expression.

While the Internet is a blessing for those of us over that age, it is as necessary and obvious to members of Generation Z as a glass of water.
They do not see the world without social networks, and this is precisely where Tiktok enters the scene and the presence of Spanish influencers in its midst.

Tiktok - the social network where your brand should be if you have a digital product

It is true that at this point we all use digital products. However, while for the generations that have been tanning the planet for a greater number of years, these products still feel like a treat, for Generation Z they are our daily bread.
It is therefore necessary to go and find their representatives where they are. The Spanish influencers can ensure that the virtual home of this audience is Tiktok for two years now.
Having reached over five hundred million followers in record time, Tiktok has succeeded in bringing together today's youngest virtual consumers.

The dynamics of Tiktok is based on music. The most interesting thing is that this music is played by the users themselves, so it is constantly renewed and the challenge is to overcome creativity.

For fifteen seconds, the video plays using loop technology. Therefore, your brand can find a way to be present for this short period of time, which seems to be the maximum number of seconds that a Generation Z ambassador can maintain their line of attention and in which the Spanish influencers They can help.

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