Would you like to improve the image of your products?

Would you like to improve the image of your products?



If you want to brand your products online, you can call on Pinkhy Events to help you. 

Nowadays, more and more companies choose to sell these products online. With the development of e-commerce, it is easier for entrepreneurs to contact these customers through social networks. There are many advantages if you want to opt for e-commerce. By opting for cheaper platforms, you can minimize the costs of your e-commerce activities. With web analytics, you can get quite important information about your customers. But the thing that attracts entrepreneurs to opt for e-commerce is that with it you can sell your products beyond your community. 

What are the steps to highlight your products?

If you want to start an e-commerce business, it is important to enhance the image of your products to distinguish yourself from your competitors. In order to attract users to your products, you need to put up good photos as well as good videos. Entrepreneurs should know that visuals are quite crucial in the world of e-commerce. To achieve this goal of getting quality photos and videos to attract users, you need to have quality tools. You can also reach the maximum number of customers by putting your products on the various social networks that are currently evolving. With the existence of influencers, many companies are opting for this way to attract customers to their products. 

Why are influencers quite important in the e-commerce world?

In general, influencers are consumers or celebrities who have the ability to influence the buying behaviour of your potential customers. They post favourable content about your products on social networks. Nowadays, more than 70 % of customers consult social networks before making a purchase, which is why you need to use an influencer to ensure that your products are promoted. Thanks to the high awareness of influencers, influencer marketing will attract a large audience for your products as well as for your brands. 

Pinkhy Events : a major asset to develop your brand. 

If you want to promote your brand in Spain, you can call on Pinkhy EventsPinky Events is a French speaking Spanish influencer agency that can help you with influencer marketing. Unlike other agencies, Pinkhy Events is a true ally that is at your disposal to employ Spanish influencers for your product brand. This marketing agency provides you with opinion leaders who have the right skills for your needs. What sets this agency apart is that it has a global network of thousands of influencers.   

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