Job focus: what is the role of a project manager?

Marketing strategy is central to the success of a brand's commercial policy. In today's age of social media, influencer marketing is a big part of promoting an ideology or brand. As a result, it takes an expert to lead an influencer marketing campaign from start to finish. In other words, like any project, a project manager is needed to ensure the success of the project itself. This article will help you understand the missions of an influencer project manager.

Acting as a smart strategist

The influence project manager will have the difficult task of designing the influence marketing strategy adapted to the campaign and especially to the brand. Therefore, it is up to him to determine the objective of the project in accordance with the client's requirements. He then puts in place each puzzle for the success of the project.

Communication skills

Communication remains very important during an influencer marketing campaign. The influencer project manager must align the content creator with the values and requirements of the brand to be promoted. The objective is to make their partnership a success. In other cases, he even takes care of choosing the influencer's profile.

Coordination with the marketing team

The influencer project manager is the contact person for the marketing team and the influencers. In this case, he/she has to supervise each work within the marketing team. The objective is to bring the project in line with the brand's expectations.

Role of manager of the influence campaign set up

This task consists of coordinating the influencer campaign from A to Z. It is up to him to choose which social networks to use, to achieve the predefined objectives, and above all to budget the project. Once the campaign has started, he also takes care of the follow-up.

Research and analysis of market trends

Marketing is not an exact science. Everything can change from one moment to the next independently of him. In this case, he needs to have the best information on current market trends, new developments and, in particular, the needs of the public. If a world event disrupts his forecasts, he takes charge of reorienting the project and ensuring its continuity. The ultimate goal is to meet the brand's expectations and ensure the success of the campaign.

What skills does an influence project manager need?

Becoming an influence project manager requires some essential skills. Most of his work is done in front of a PC and on the web. Therefore, he/she needs to master various digital and collaborative tools. The mastery of social networks is also essential, as it is the very essence of influencer marketing. Based on communication, writing skills seem to be a must to become an influencer project manager.

The qualities required for an influence project manager

As it is a position of responsibility. The qualities needed to become an influence project manager can be summarised as versatility, rigour, reactivity and attention to detail.