Why focus on real Instagram

Instagram's new "Real" feature is the most important new feature released by the app since "Stories" in 2016. Popular with Instagram users, this feature allows them to cut and edit videos from 3 to 30 seconds with text, stickers, music and even special effects. They can then share them with their network of followers. But beyond the entertainment aspect of the Reals, they have several advantages. Read more here.

Instagram real: what is it?

These are short interactive videos of 30 seconds maximum. You have the possibility to choose a musical background to make your video and even to create your own sounds. You can add some hashtags to reach a younger audience on the application. Note that the real ones have their own news feed and you can access the creation option through the stories menu. They can be shared in two ways: in the story tab for the general public or in private messages for specific subscribers that you have selected.

The benefits of Instagram Reals

If you're wondering what Instagram Reals can really do for you. Find out more about their various benefits without further ado.

The high visibility of the Real

Thanks to the leverage effect, Reals allow you to increase your visibility on the Instagram application, which has more than one billion monthly users. You can thus have an important primary visibility. Indeed, when you publish a Real video, it lands in your profile as well as in the news feed of some of your followers. It can also land in the "Explore" tab of Instagram if your account is public. This is all possible with the use of Instagram's algorithm. This is mainly based on the consumption time and the engagement rate. But it also depends on the accounts followed and the geographical location.

Creating a good identity

Making real ones allows you to make your companies, institutions and brands better known. You can show off more often and more easily if you opt to use this new feature. With Reals, it's easier to show your personality through your brand while building a strong image with other users. They will be able to discover you so they can follow you on your account. In short, you create powerful connections with your audience.

Reaching a new target

You can still pass the same message you have already posted (in a story, blog post or carousel) through the Real. It will be perceived differently but with the same objective. Indeed, transmitting the same message in several formats allows you to reach customers with very different profiles. They will therefore be able to integrate your message based on the format of their choice. Moreover, seeing the same message in different formats is not a problem. It is only through this approach that the message will end up in the users' heads.