Live shopping the new online shopping trend

Since the advent of digital technology and especially social networks, new retail trends such as Live Shopping are beginning to gain ground. If this mode of sale has existed for years in China, it took the expansion of the coronavirus health crisis with the containment for Western retailers to appropriate this new concept. It is a new marketing strategy that allows brands to boost their e-commerce performance with live streaming. What is live shopping? What are its advantages? Here is an article that provides answers to all these questions.

What is Live shopping? 


Sometimes called Livestreaming or "Cash Machine" by retailers, live shopping is a business strategy that consists of using video sessions or lives to present products or services to followers. To achieve such an objective, brands usually go through popular influencers. With Live shopping, the broadcasting of content is done through some software and tools such as Quidol,, to create and interact with the viewers.

Similarly, social networks can also be used for live shopping such as Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. It must be said that this new trend is based on the principles of teleshopping to allow users to visualise products and services through videos, to appreciate their characteristics and to see speakers testing the service or product.

What are the benefits of live shopping for brands? 


Live shopping is very important in the field of e-commerce. Thus, it offers many advantages to the companies among which we have :

The creation of a new sales environment in shops

Through live shopping, the follower can enjoy a live shopping experience. It gives them the opportunity to ask questions, learn about the features and see others testing the product live. It also allows them to see the product from all angles from the shop. They will also be able to get a lot of advice on how to use the product from the salesperson.

A tool to increase the company's reputation

Initially, live streaming was designed simply to entertain an audience. Today, this entertainment aspect is also present in live shopping in order to capture the attention of potential customers. Indeed, the presentation of a product live, with its characteristics, instructions for use and so on, offers several advantages. It allows the company to stand out from its competitors, but also to strengthen its reputation on the market. For this reason, the video should be entertaining, even if the idea behind it is to promote the brand and present a product to viewers.

Live shopping to better reach your targets

As mentioned above, live shopping is often done in partnership with influencers. Companies will be able to choose an influencer who has a community that could be interested in their services or products. Thus, by going through the influencer to carry out a live shopping, the company will be able to easily take advantage of the latter's community.