The best social media tools

The best social media tools

The best social media tools to manage and analyse social networks

Using tools to analyse social networks can save you a lot of time as an online marketer. Analysis tools can help you find the right strategies for your target audience. But with the rise of web marketing, there are many tools that can meet your requirements. However, the choice is often not easy due to the sheer number of them. So we've made it easy for you. Check out this article to find out which tools are the best.

What is social network analysis?

Social media analysis is about collecting data from your accounts and campaigns, which you can then use to track and improve your results.  This is a task carried out by a community manager. To achieve this, he or she uses dedicated tools.

Hootsuit: social network management tool for planning your publications

It is a management tool that helps you to better plan and analyse your performance. It is a free tool, but has a paid version. However, the premium version offers you more options such as adding up to 50 social profiles.

Use Buffer to manage your social networks

Like Hootsuit Buffer is also a tool for managing social networks. It is also available in paid and free versions.  However, unlike Hootsuit, Buffer is available on the following operating systems mobile phones through its application.

Manage your networks and analyse your ads through Metricool

It is one of the best and most complex tools in terms of functionality. With this tool, the programming and analysis of your data, especially those related to your various publications, can be deferred. The same applies to your advertising campaigns. Another advantage of Metricool is that it can monitor news about your competitors' products. This gives you a head start in designing more authentic products.

Setting up visual content with Canva

If you do not yet have advanced graphic design skills, we recommend Canva. Due to its accessibility, it allows you to produce quality visual content that corresponds to the formats of the various social networks.

Canva designers have included free templates to save you time designing images.

Alerti: the best tool for monitoring your online reputation 

Your reputation on the Internet is essential to increase your turnover. Alerti has been designed to allow you to monitor your reputation in real time. Thanks to  Alerted, you have the opinions of Internet users and those of your customers. Thus, you have at your fingertips, accurate statistics concerning your online business.

As you may have noticed, there are several tools that can analyse social networks. However, excessive use of several tools can have the opposite effect than the one you are looking for. Therefore, prioritise tools such as HubSpot or Marketo that have multiple functionalities.

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