Brands get on board with the coronavirus

Brands get on board with the coronavirus

In the midst of the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic, the activity of brands and retailers is severely limited and in some cases even halted. However, the latter must react and occupy the field. 

McDonald's, Coca-Cola and Nike are doing their best to help convince people to stay home to protect themselves


Both McDonald's in Brazil and Coca-Cola and Nike in the US are very active. These companies are trying to get the message across that social distancing is the key to limiting the spread of COVI-19.

McDonald's officials in Brazil changed the company's logo on its Twitter page, separating the golden arches and accompanying it with the slogan: "Separados por um momento para estarmos sempre juntos" (Separated for a moment to be always together). A similar campaign was posted on the company's Instagram page. 

Logo changes are not only seen in international markets. Coca-Cola has changed its advertising on the billboard in Time Square. The letters in the script are no longer connected to each other and the following message accompanies the change: "Staying apart is the best way to stay connected". A company spokesperson said the ad will be displayed exclusively in Time Square.  

Nike also promotes social distancing. Already, the company has closed its shops in some countries. In addition, it has been airing a new advertisement for a few days now that focuses on the need to stay away from each other. "If you ever dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance. Play inside, play for the world." (If you ever dreamed of playing for millions of fans around the world, now is your chance. Play inside, play for the world.) Many sports personalities like Michael Jordan shared the message.

Apple puts the brakes on the development of Coronavirus-related apps


As far as Apple is concerned, the company intends to control the number of developers publishing new applications related to the Coronavirus. It specifies that it will only accept such programs on its platform if they have been designed by "companies deeply qualified in health issues". Furthermore, Apple announced on 14 March in a press release that "entertainment or game applications with a Covid-19 theme will not be allowed".

French companies are not left behind


In France, too, both large and small companies are taking initiatives, from LVMH to Pernod-Ricard to Franprix and Casino. For example, Pernod-Ricard has made a commitment through its various brands to "contribute to collective efforts according to their capacities". In France, Ricard has donated 70,000 litres of alcohol to the Cooper laboratory so that it can manufacture hydroalcoholic gel as soon as possible. Franprix and Casino have set up a toll-free number so that elderly or numerically disadvantaged people can receive free delivery. 


Brands have realised that they will be rewarded after the COVID-19 crisis if they provide their customers with the best possible support. They are therefore competing with slogans and initiatives to stand out.

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