Influencers and NFTs

There are many innovations that accompany our lives nowadays. And we can no longer escape these developments. It is an integral part of our lives. Perhaps you have already heard the terms cryptocurrency, virtual currency, dropshipping, and so many other vocabulary. However, one of them has been in the news for a few years. It's called NFT. So what is it? What value does it bring to every kind of person, whatever their title, especially to influencers. You're probably asking yourself these questions right now, what are all these expressions. Don't panic, this article will serve as a guide to clear up your thoughts.

Definition and origin of CLFs

The acronym NFT stands for non fungible token in English, but literally translates into non-fungible token in French. In other words, an NFT is distinguished by its non-fungibility, i.e. each NFT has no equivalent. It is therefore unique, non-imitable and unchangeable. This feature is made possible by computer codes and digital signatures. As a result, each of these digital objects offers a valuable opportunity for its owner or user. They are accessible in any country in the world. This is why Spanish bloggers or influencer agencies in Spain make use of this special digital object.

In terms of history, it was created in 2017 through the blockchain of the Ethereum platform. Moreover, its authenticity can only be certified by a blockchain protocol. Since its launch, its value has grown exponentially. Today, the value of the NFT market stands at 338 million according to a recent estimate by BNP Paribas. All in all, NFTs have a great potential to value the activity of web workers, including influencers.

An essential asset for Influencers.

As a reminder, an NFT remains a unique and unforgeable digital asset. In this case, whoever holds it has an exclusive right to use it. Hence the idea of Spanish influencers to take advantage of this irreplaceable status of an NFT. They invest in the field while adopting an adapted strategy. The acquisition of the object allows them to increase the influence of these web workers. They are therefore able to offer something exceptional by using an NFT. When we say exceptional, it implies value compared to the usual trinkets. In all, NFTs or non-fungible tokens can enhance the reputation of its user or the target brand. In other words, investing in NFTs increases the reputation of a product. It also ensures that an influencer stands out from its competitors. However, it is important to identify the right NFT. Moreover, a multitude of NFTs or non-fungible tokens are available on the market. Therefore, it is important to choose a digital asset that meets the needs of each client while taking into account their budget.