Impact of the real ones on the business

Impact of the real ones on the business

With more than one billion active users per month, Instagram is one of the most popular applications for business. Indeed, nearly 83 % of users go to discover new products and services on this platform which with the advent of its new functionality gives more visibility. Real videos are thus a significant option in the use of Instagram for your business. Find out more about the effects of these videos on your business here.

Instagram realities: what do you need to know?

Real is the new feature of the Instagram application. It consists of creating videos of between 3 and 30 seconds in length. They are accompanied by music and animations of your choice. You can share them with your followers in the news feed or on your story (the videos will disappear after 24 hours). You can also share them with the entire Instagram community using the "Explore" option.

Instagram realities: the effects on business

The option of creating Real videos is a major asset for your business as it impacts the way your business is run. 

Shows the human side of your business

The real ones are videos of 30 seconds maximum which help to create a good link with your subscribers in general and your subscribing customers in particular. With them, you can easily show the human side of your business. Indeed, your customers must realise that there are professionals beyond your online business. This can make them feel more confident in their various transactions.

Offer your products with more originality

Using real Instagram allows you to stand out from the crowd when it comes to presenting your products. The products are staged to be presented in an innovative, creative and even entertaining way. Customers can then get a clearer idea of the product in general and how it works in particular. 

Interact with your community

When presenting your products, you have the possibility to make use of several other options. You can allow users of this platform to interact with your company. All this is easily accessible through the "comments" function. With this feature, users can make requests, give feedback and also answer questions.

How to use it?

To use the real ones, just click on your profile picture to select "Real". The option is right next to "Story". After selection, you will have on the left side of your screen the different creation tools. With them you can edit your video. As far as the tools are concerned, they are generally audio content, AR effects, speed, timer and countdown, align option.

Your actual videos can be saved as a series of clips, all together or with videos that are in your gallery. Note that in cases where you make use of hashtags, songs, effects; your video will be displayed every time a user clicks on the hashtag, song or effect.

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