Do you intend to improve the image of your products?

Do you intend to improve the image of your products?

Nowadays, the role of a marketing agency is crucial if you are looking for influencers for your brand and product. By contacting Pinkhy Events which is a French-speaking Spanish influencer agency, you will have no difficulty finding the influencers who will enhance the brand of your products through social networks. To improve your e-reputation, this agency can also advise you on the strategies you need to put in place. Currently, this agency is composed of about 3,000 influencers. But what characterises this Pinkhy Events compared to other influencer agencies, is that it is made up of famous and experienced influencers in Spain.

Noémie Salazar one of the agency's influencers Pinkhy Events ?

If you are looking for the most famous influencer in Spain, you can call on Noémie Salazar one of the influencers in the agency Pinkhy Events in Spain. Currently, the 27-year-old is in the top 5 influencers in the country of Spain. She started to become an influencer on social networks in 2015. This Spanish celebrity is affiliated with the digital marketing and influencer agency Pinkhy Events. Thanks to this extraordinary influencer, many clients call on the agency Pinkhy Events in finding influencers to showcase their products online.

Noémie Salazar is also a reality TV star. 

Apart from being an established influencer in the agency Pinkhy Events, it is important to remember that Noémie Salazar is also a reality TV star. This Spanish woman has appeared on several TV shows. Before appearing on the show The Gipsy KingsThis famous young woman has already participated in season 7 of Gran Hermano, This programme is a Spanish version of Big Brother. With Raquel Salazar (the mother of Noémie Salazar), this Spanish family was able to become one of the most famous and popular families on the show The Gipsy Kings. Noémie Salazar is also a Spanish businesswoman, as she was able to create her own cosmetic brand with her own mother.  

And what about Noémie Salazar's relationship with her friends?

This Spanish influencer and star gathered with her 2 great friends Alba Carillo and Estela Grande during the sixth season of the show " Los Gipsy Kings ". These three women formed a special family called 'Las Pijitanas'. These three friends were also able to forge their friendship through their meeting in the house of " GH VIP 7 ". Thanks to the passage of Noémie Salazar in various Spanish shows, she was able to become a famous social media influencer in Spain. It is no wonder that this influencer has about 790,000 loyal followers on her Instagram page. 

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