Spotify x Facebook alliance

Spotify x Facebook alliance

One of the big announcements in the geek world in recent years has been the collaboration between the million profile giant and the podcast giant. We are talking about Facebook and Spotify. The collaboration between these two companies has allowed fans of both networks to have a better user experience because of the many features they offer to their subscribers. What can we learn from the Spotify and Facebook alliance? Find out in this post

Now access Spotify from Facebook.

Now it's possible to access the Spotify service with just a few clicks from Facebook. To use Spotfy from Facebook, all you need to do is install the App version of the site on your phone or computer. This feature allows users of both platforms to play music in the background without switching from one application to another. Another interesting feature built into the software is the ability for users to listen to a song simultaneously with friends.

What is the point of this collaboration for the two giants? 

This is more of a win-win partnership between the two networks. That is, Facebook benefits from a music service that it makes available to its users. Spotify, on the other hand, benefits from its visibility on Facebook to later offer paying offers to users who have experienced these services via Facebook.  

Integrating a Spotify mini-player with Facebook: The Boombox project

The so-called Boombox project comes to dramatically improve the user experience for people who subscribe to both Facebook and Spotify. Now you don't have to switch browser windows or switch to another application to set your Spotify listening. You now have a mini Stopify player built into the social network that will allow you to listen to your music or podcasts without switching from Facebook to the Spotify application. 

Possibility of sharing

This is a welcome option for artists with a large fan following on the Facebook social network. The collaboration between the two giants allows artists to share their music from Spotify to Facebook. This allows them to gain visibility. And it's all just one click away! 

Spotify x Facebook alliance restricted in some countries? 

Of course, not all Facebook users will be able to take advantage of this new feature of Spotify's integrated Facebook player. Indeed, access to Spotify through Facebook is only available to people living in states where Spotify services are available. On the African continent, only South Africa benefits from the platform's services. In addition, the Facebook player feature has already been rolled out in several countries eligible to use Spotify. 

What is the best deal for Spotify services?

For a start, you don't need to sign up to a paid Spotify plan to benefit from the player's built-in Facebook features. In fact, Spotify offers everyone who signs up for its platform six months of free service. That is, you have six months to exploit the full potential of the platform's services. After the six months, access to the services will be limited. Note that in order to get the six months free, you must link your Facebook account to Spotify.

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