Discover Bellissima, the Italian brand of hair accessories

said Bion of Borysthenes. A woman who wishes to assert herself in society must be able to make herself respected by her beauty. This beauty beyond the natural must be maintained. Several brands provide women with accessories for their well-being. One of the most recognised is Bellissima, an Italian brand. What do we need to know about this brand? This is the subject of this article.

History of the Bellissima brand

Bellissima means beauty, beautiful, magnificent, superb depending on the context. Whatever the context, the term Bellissima is used to give a woman her full value, to praise her or to praise her physical qualities. In Italy, it is a brand of imetec that was born ten years ago with the invention of hair straighteners. It gives women the freedom to take care of their hair at home without the need for professional help.

After 10 years, this brand has succeeded in developing the democratisation of beauty. Modern instruments are manufactured for a complete world of beauty. This brand extends its activity to the design of accessories for body care, skin care, nails and hair care. The experience of the brand allows it to innovate with efficient and well-designed devices for hair and beauty professionals.

According to Italian actress Sophia Loren, the right hairstyle can turn a beautiful woman into a beautiful and unforgettable woman. Hair care is therefore very important. Choose your accessories carefully.

Diffon DF1 1000

The DF1 1000 hot air diffuser is ideal for disciplined and defined curls. It is a hair dryer for clogged hair with a perforated grid and 12 long pictograms. It dries your hair while preserving your curls. Its ergonomic handle makes it practical and easy to use. 700 W of power, its back grid prevents hair from getting stuck. So you can use it in any position without stress.

My pro ceramic P5 3800 hair dryer

This 2300 W accessory, available in several colours, gives your hair softness and shine. It is suitable for all hair types and protects them. It is the tool you need for a last minute appointment, it is very fast and efficient.

Heated smoothing brushes

For a more natural effect, heated straightening brushes are beneficial. Less hot than a straightening iron, they make styling easier. Heated straightening brushes straighten your hair, detangle it and dry it without damaging it. Three actions in one accessory.

Apart from these accessories, the Bellissima range offers curling irons and straightening irons. The former for beautiful curls in record time and the latter to change your look by smoothing your hair.

In short, Bellissima is an old Italian brand that offers women simple, practical and inexpensive hair accessories. Married or single, never forget to look after yourself with these accessories.


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