How to enjoy Valentine's Day with Spanish influencers

How to enjoy Valentine's Day with Spanish influencers

How to enjoy Valentine's Day with Spanish influencers 


Whatever they say, love is the force that moves the world ... and the wallets of lovers, especially men. It is something that Spanish influencers know very well and are already preparing to have an impact on their videos by 14 February.

What role does your product play in this dynamic love affair that is developing in the networks?

Thanks to the Spanish influencersThis one is much bigger than you think. Spain is the European country that invests the most in telling its couple how much it loves them with gifts. On average, six million Spaniards go to the shops or press their index finger to click and fill a basket full of love products for those who have won their hearts. How much money do they spend? About one hundred and thirty euros each. However, if you thought Valentine's Day was the exclusive heritage of the couple's love, there are more surprises for you. The holiday has long since included friends and, as furry ones are considered by many of our best friends, campaigns are also made to give them something special. Whatever your product is, it certainly already has a campaign of Spanish influencers to be integrated.

Spanish Influencers' marketing campaigns for Valentine's Day


An influencer is the best way to get the word out about your products this Valentine's Day. If you've been watching what's going on, for example, on YouTube channels, you'll have seen that subscribers are shouting at their web star for a live feed. Why is this so important? Because that's where they can ask all the questions they want about their personal lives.

One of the most frequently asked questions to Spanish influencers about their partner. Followers want to know if he has a boyfriend, a girlfriend, what his name is and when he will make a video with his beloved. You can already imagine the impact if your product is revered by one of the influencer couples who combine their charms to absorb the attention of a growing audience.

What campaigns do the Spanish influencers What are the companies that are preparing to promote the Day of Love and the products that prove it? We present them to you below:

Clothing In the past, there was a very interesting campaign called "My boyfriend saw me", in which influencers showed the clothes that their lovers gave them. If you have a clothing brand, Valentine's Day is the time to promote it.

Perfume and make-up14 February is a special day, so launching a campaign with the coolest Instagram influencers will have a very positive impact on sales.

ChocolatesThey are and always will be the sweets of Valentine's Day. Of course, the best accompaniment they can have are colourful and sensual flowers.

JewelleryThe industry of rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants is experiencing unusual growth since the emergence of 3D modelling and printing. You can have your own jewellery "factory" in a matter of inches. On Valentine's Day, the most relevant shapes are hearts in all their forms.

Dinners Here we have an example of how tradition has been accompanied by new options. Lovers belonging to the new generation are not always ready to bind themselves to the conservatism of a dinner. Maybe they want breakfast or a snack to celebrate with the angel of love. If you have a bistro, don't hesitate to promote it to the influencers who represent the most culinary culture.

And for the little ones?You were probably waiting for what was promised to you for your pets. They also receive a blanket with their name on it, for dogs and cats, and a new bed. What is the best gift?

Well ... what if we let the influencers decide for you?


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