How to measure the impact of a marketing campaign?

How to measure the impact of a marketing campaign?

An influencer marketing campaign carried out in collaboration with a specialist agency and the most prominent influencers on Instagram is one of the keys to a brand's success in its sector. But what's the point of running such an operation if its effectiveness can't be analysed? So how do you measure the impact of an influencer marketing campaign? Our advice in this article.


Marketing campaign impact indicators: impressions and engagement


The ROI of an influencer marketing campaign on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter can be understood by using the right indicators. The first and most effective KPIs are :


  • the prints
  • the commitments

Impressions are the number of views of a post created and broadcast by an influencer. The number of impressions is therefore an important factor in assessing the effectiveness and performance of an influencer marketing campaign. The number of impressions can be scrutinised to compare the impact of one campaign to another. But also to evaluate the impact of an influencer on his community.


Engagement is a much more quality- vs. quantity-oriented indicator. The reason is that it covers several facets of a campaign. This includes the number of likes, shares, comments, but also the bounce rate and time spent on the site. Engagement is therefore a valuable indicator that brands are rightly seeking to develop because in the background lies the existing closeness between a brand and its audience.


Brand mentions and conversions


Another key indicator is brand mentions. Brand mentions are the number of times the brand or product name is mentioned, commented on, shared from follower to follower.


This is also a key element to take into account in order to gauge the performance of the operation and with a view to developing branding. Brand mentions are also used to analyse and understand how people feel about a brand.


The reputation of an influencer on Instagram is crucial for optimal brand mentions. The more the influencer is followed by a large community of followers, the more virality the brand can expect from the publication.


Also, the ROI of an influencer marketing operation can be considered from the point of view of conversion: to what extent does the operation allow the target to move from the diffusion of a message to an action? In order to follow the conversions caused by a campaign, three possibilities exist:


  • inserting promotional links in the message
  • follow traceable links
  • Analyse the PBS, for Cost per Commitment. The CPE allows for accurate monitoring and measurement of the impact of the budget committed to the campaign.

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