Clubhouse VS Facebook Live Audio Rooms

Clubhouse VS Facebook Live Audio Rooms



Clubhouse VS Facebook Live Audio Rooms

Facebook recently launched its new live voice chat feature to compete with the giant Clubhouse. This feature aims to allow Facebook users to chat with each other through a voice chat. However, one may wonder what interest Facebook has in positioning itself on this project and what are the advantages of this new feature for its users? Furthermore, is Facebook dethroning Clubhouse with this decision? 

The success of Clubhouse

Clubhouse has been a phenomenal success in recent months. Many people use it because of its uniqueness as an entirely voice-based social network. In addition, the resounding success of Clubhouse is due in part to the attention it has received from some of the world's leading personalities, such as Elon Musk, and Facebook boss Marck Zuckerberg. 

This attention quickly had an effect, because even before the release of the mobile app version of the network, Clubhouse had already reached 10 million users. The success of Clubhouse did not fail to attract the attention of other social networks. This is the case of Twitter, which wanted to offer an identical feature to its users, but which is still in the testing phase. 

Facebook updates new features

Facebook's boss doesn't want to stay on the sidelines. That's why Facebook has decided to integrate copies of Clubhouse like soundbites and live audio into its messaging feature. To do this, the Facebook boss preferred that it be integrated into the existing Messenger Rooms feature. 

The Soundbites

Soundbites will be used to promote audio content on Facebook in order to reach the maximum number of people. Soundbites are audio clips that last about 20 seconds on average. 

Facebook Live Audio

This feature, similar to Clubhouse, aims to allow Facebook users to interact with each other by creating public rooms for discussions. Here, all the user has to do is create the Live Audio room. The user can then invite other users to join the room by sending a direct message to them. He can also share the link of the live audio room to invite others to join him. 

Presentation of the new functionality

It is possible that Facebook will use the Clubhouse layout as the basis for its visuals for Live Audio. For example, the live participants will be represented by their profile picture in the round shape. However, nothing is certain yet! Facebook can always change its plans. 

Facebook plans to go further

Facebook does not intend to limit itself to voice chat. In fact, it plans to monetise this new feature, which it aims to integrate into its platform, into paid Live Audio rooms. These chat rooms will be accessible by one-off payment or by subscription. The platform's paid option is aimed much more at influential personalities who will need to generate large audiences for their live audio. 


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