Byte, the competitor of Tik Tok: how is it different?

Byte, the competitor of Tik Tok: how is it different?


To watch or publish short videos online, you have a variety of applications available. If Vine was the leading app in this field, its disappearance has left room for Tik Tok, which has become a must-have. However, this dominance could be threatened with the arrival of byte on Android and iOS. If Byte offers the same services as Tik Tok, the question is how is Byte different from its competitor Tik Tok?


Byte, the successor to Vine


Although many Internet users lamented the disappearance of Vine, they were nevertheless delighted by the arrival of Byte. This application was created by one of the creators of Vine, Dom Hofmann. A micro video sharing application, Vine could be reborn from its ashes through its daughter Byte.

Having become popular across the Atlantic, thevideo byte application has been a great success. The nostalgic effect that it gives users would explain this success. Vine fans find in Byte the same sensations as with their favourite application.


Easy sharing of videos


Like Vine or Tik Tok, Byte offers many features that are beneficial to users. You can download any video on Byte to your smartphone and access it at any time. Based on the same principle as the now defunct Vine, Byte offers short videos of 6 seconds or less that are played in a loop.


Possible remuneration for content creators


Seeking to differentiate itself from other video and photo sharing applications, byte application video offers various new features. Even if it seems difficult to overshadow Tik Tok, Byte proposes to remunerate users. Indeed, the creators of content on Byte will be able to be paid through advertising.

This was suggested by Dom Hofmann in an interview with TechCrunch. This remuneration would therefore be a significant asset that will promote creativity in the Byte community. With this argument, Byte should attract many more users around the world.

With this advantage, Byte could compete with Tik Tok, which has become the most downloaded application in the world, behind WhatsApp. Creators' remuneration on the new music video application should also be an asset in attracting influence marketing professionals.


Byte, a serious competitor to Tik Tok?


Although Byte has attracted many Internet users since its creation, its many limitations are still a hindrance to competing with Tik Tok. The popularity of the Chinese application is not usurped and comes essentially from the many interesting features that Byte still lacks.

Indeed, the absence of certain functionalities in byte competitor to tik tok. Here the user experience is not yet at its full potential. As a result, you cannot generate a link by clicking on the "copy" window. Also, the embed code limits the platforms on which you can share a video uploaded to Byte.

It should also be noted that it is impossible to see the number of subscribers a user has on Byte. While Byte's potential is certain, it will still be difficult for it to dethrone Tik Tok, its main rival. 

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