How to make a product placement with a football player?

Do you dream of having a soccer star as an ambassador for your brand? But did you think it was reserved for the CAC40 companies?

Think again!

The placement of products with football players such as Casillas, Ramos, Isco, Achraf or Munir becomes accessible

Footballers and sponsorship

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, all these social networks are now at the center of the digital communication strategies of international brands.

Football Stars has always been at the heart of brand marketing strategies such as Nike, Adidas and Puma. These three equipment manufacturers share the European market on their own, benefiting from an international reputation. Your creed? Sponsorship contracts with football clubs.

The evolution of influence marketing to the placement of Instagram products

In recent years, the rise of new technologies has interrupted communication modes. Brands are adapting to this change by integrating social networks and influencing marketing at the heart of their communication.

These communication modes include the placement of products on Instagram.

International Stars, reality TV candidates and bloggers were the first to do product placement. However, it was different for football players already in high demand for the placement of the product offline.

DNA Performance, the first product placement agency with international footballers

If all soccer players have an Instagram account, brands still do not use them enough to create product locations. However, it is a powerful marketing tool for young brands that want to make themselves known by addressing a committed male audience.

From cosmetics to fashion brands and jewelry, your brand will be recommended and loved. The stars of football are an attractive and very influential showcase on social networks. They enjoy a very engaged audience and act naturally as a model for their fan.

Like Cristiano Ronaldo, world soccer star and L’Oréal Men expert, the stars of the round balloons begin to monetize their instagram account. The placement of the product allows your brand to be known by a compromised audience at a lower cost. Thanks to social recognition, but also to the systematic mimicry of their fans.

Team builders share football clubs by creating annual associations. In this way, they enjoy constant visibility in all international matches.

The regular placement of products on an international footballer’s page will increase their visibility for a target and loyal audience. In a more or less rapid way, your traffic on the web and in stores will increase.

In addition to being commented on their performance, their party, their club, soccer players are examined by the press. Therefore, each new association could be subject to significant media visibility beyond social networks. It is therefore a very profitable investment for brands.

How to make the placement of the product with a soccer player?

We have developed partnerships with international soccer stars for your product locations on social networks. ADN Performance accompanies you in the international influence of your brand!

The principle is simple: depending on your values, your products and your offer, select the soccer player that corresponds to your market.

Our exclusive catalog of footballers is available here.

We support you in all stages of your product placement campaign. From the selection of social influencers to the analysis of the results after the campaign, our agency is at your disposal.

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